How to Get started with Adobe Photoshop ?

Adobe photoshop cc

Are you a beginner and don’t know how to get started with Adobe Photoshop, then you are in the right place. Adobe Photoshop basically comes in different forms like CC and CS6. But here I am going to tell you how you can work with Adobe Photoshop CC very easily in simple steps.

Adobe Photoshop CC Comes in a different versions as years passed and now the latest version is CC 2020. CC stands for Creative Cloud and it has more features as compared to CS6.

So Let’s Get Started !

How to download Adobe Photoshop CC free : CC 2019

Whenever you search in google you could only get to download and use the trial version only for a few days and you might need to upgrade it. But I am going to share a link with you through which you can easily download Adobe Photoshop CC for a free lifetime and don’t even need to purchase it.

Watch this Video below to see how you can easily download Adobe Photoshop .

After downloading Adobe Photoshop you can open it from your search box at the bottom left and type Adobe Photoshop cc and it will take some little time to open because opening it for the first time it is going to download some things that are important to load.

open adobe photoshop cc

Its interface looks like this as you can see below when you open it for the first time :

open adobe photoshop

How to open a new file in Adobe Photoshop : CC 2019

To open a new file click on File -> New

open a new file in photoshop

A new window will be opened through which you can easily select the size you want to use and work on it .

open a new document in photoshop

There are different sizes that you can select as you want so suppose I am going to select landscape. On the right side, you can select the width and height of choice as well and select whether you want them in inches or in other forms as per your choice. But by default, it is in inches. You can also select the color mode, it is RGB by default and that is the best one.

By default the background is white and most people like to work on a white background but it all depends upon you whether you want it in different colors or default. And then press on create and your new file will be created.

create a new file in photoshop

Your new file is ready to go and you can work on it easily.

A new file is created in photoshop

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